Sweet Wheels

by The Zoe Report

Happy Earth Day, Zoe Reporters! A most inspiring moment to get green, I encourage all of you to reduce your carbon footprint in every way possible right now. One mah-jor way you can do this is by cutting down your drive time in favor of walking or, better yet, biking! Thoughts? Customize some sweet wheels for yourself today with Republic Bike’s 3-D Bike Shop!

Living in a big city, driving can be exhausting—traffic is not so chic!—which is why I am crazy about these bicycles. The ultimate cure for behind-the-wheel blues, Republic Bike’s two-wheelers are sleek, stylish and made to order. This means you get to design every detail of your ride from the handlebars to the tires. Off-the-chain! Choose from a handful of cool frames and hot colors to create your perfect bike today, then accessorize it to your liking and hit the streets—just don’t forget your helmet! xoRZ

Availability: Republic Bike Design Your Own Bike ($399-$499). For additional information, visit Republicbike.com.

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