Purple Is 2022’s Defining Color — Here Are 15 Outfits Inspired By The Hue

From amethyst to aubergine.

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In honor of Pantone crowning Very Peri as 2022’s defining color trend, TZR rounded up 13 purple outfit ideas to celebrate the opulent hue. From boysenberry and aubergine to lavender and plum, tap ahead for heaps of highly saturated style inspo.

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For a no-fuss outfit that requires little to no styling effort on your part, opt for a jumpsuit in a blushy lavender. Then, add in crisp, white accessories — like a sculptural bag and square-shaped sunnies.Christian Vierig/Getty Images)
How about trying the tonal dressing trend? To do so, wear slightly varying shades of purple at the same time — for instance, lavender, eggplant, magenta.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images
To make your purple really pop, contrast it against a shade that sits across from it on the color wheel. For one, the eye-catching Bottega green is always a sure-fire, saturated choice. Christian Vierig/Getty Images
When you feel yourself gravitating toward a minimal look, consider utilizing an ultra-chunky, deep lilac sweater as the hero piece of your ensemble. Sometimes simple really is best. Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images
You can never go wrong with a sleek matching set — especially if the co-ord is in the leading color trend of the year, Veri Peri. Then, add in a classic khaki trench coat for a touch of tailored finesse. Edward Berthelot/Getty Images
Are you aware the aughts-era dress-over-pants trend has resurged? Consider participating in the unconventional fun via a purple frock and trousers in a coordinating shade. Christian Vierig/Getty Images
If you’re feeling experimental, why not dabble with spring 2022’s psychedelia phenomenon via bottoms in a hypnotic, amethyst-hued print? Then, take the statement look one step further by adding additional purple pieces.Christian Vierig/Getty Images
Try teaming aubergine with brown, animal-printed pieces. The purple may not be the dominant color of your look, but since it contrasts so vividly against the natural tones, it becomes a statement in its own right.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images
Behold: The glory of a colorful pantsuit. You can then take the two-piece look to the next level by having a bra top peek out beneath the blazer — aka the lingerie dressing trend.Christian Vierig/Getty Images
Who doesn’t love a humble polka-dot print? And since dark purple conjures associations of royalty, the opulent hue gives the playful pattern a more sophisticated feel. Raimonda Kulikauskiene/Getty Images
Don’t be afraid to double up on textiles, too. For instance, a periwinkle knit dress paired with an orchid-hued sweater makes for a luxurious combination.Christian Vierig/Getty Images
When the majority of your outfit is in one shade, consider playing with varying textures to add visual intrigue. If you’re wearing purple pieces made of leather, add contrasting touches of softness via furry outerwear and a bucket hat.Christian Vierig/Getty Images
Spring 2022 is forecasted to be the season of the mini skirt, so why not choose a flirty, thigh-grazing piece in a lively periwinkle hue? Then, add some wild fun via a zebra-print crewneck sweater in deep violet.Christian Vierig/Getty Images

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