Plaid Behavior

by The Zoe Report

One trend that designers and fashion audiences alike can not get enough of is plaid. Season after season, the checkered pattern comes down the runway and hits stores in the form of tops, bags, scarves and even shoes. I will definitely be adding a few new tartan pieces into my wardrobe this fall, starting with Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Sketch Plaid Top.

If you have not yet glanced over Marc by Marc’s autumn collection—stop what you are doing and indulge! He played a lot with plaid on dresses, skirts and sweaters for a Mary Tyler Moore meets grown-up Gossip Girl feel. Something like today’s bow-tie front blouse is a perfect foundation for a preppy look with a cropped blazer, mini skirt and shooties…or a bad girl ensemble when worn with shredded jeans and military boots. Another route you can take with plaid—throw on your boyfriend’s flannel with skinny jeans and converse for some laidback, nineties grunge. Mad about plaid…! xoRZ

Availability: Marc by Marc Jacobs Sketch Plaid Top ($298). For additional retailer information, visit Marcjacobs.com.