Outfits Made For Summer Concert Series (And Which Ones To Hit)

How much do we love summer? Let us count the ways. There is the al fresco dining, the spectacular sunsets, the beach getaways and poolside BBQs, but perhaps there is nothing better than enjoying a picnic under the stars while watching a movie or rocking out to a live concert. Nearly every major city (and plenty of small towns) across the country have reoccurring series with rosters full of great bands and throwback movies. Whether you’re hanging out in the mountains, chilling in the Midwest or living the big-city life, we have the outfit you should wear to take full advantage of summertime fun. Click through for adorable summer-styling ideas, as well as details on a few of the best series happening in a fun locale near you.

Take in a retro movie or a local band in the hip neighborhood. This season's highlights include Clueless and Dazed & Confused.

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Gather friends for a classical-music concert or an up-and-coming performer while enjoying a picnic in the park. Sounds pretty awesome to us.

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If there is a more picturesque venue for an outdoor concert we don't know it. Crowds gather on the Snowmass ski mountain on Thursday evenings to listen to great tunes while taking in the spectacular backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

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LA's most iconic outdoor amphitheater hosts an array of amazing events throughout the summer season, from LA Philharmonic concerts to outdoor movies to the hottest touring acts. Buy a bottle of wine and snacks on site and kick back for an idyllic evening in the City of Angels.

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