5 Outfits To Wear When Nothing You Own Is Clean

There’s no better feeling than throwing caution to the wind on a Sunday afternoon and skipping laundry duties in favor of more fabulous endeavors. That said, waking up on Monday morning with nothing to wear isn’t ideal. Before you reach for that rumpled top or not-quite-right pair of trousers try one of these inventive outfits using the overlooked items in your wardrobe.

The Hidden Gem: Old Sweatshirt

Your perfectly broken-in sweatshirt might not seem like 9-to-5 material but flip it inside out, cuff the sleeves, and tuck it into a pair of polished pants you'll be well on your way to a legitimately chic look.

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The Hidden Gem: Workout Pants

Swap in black workout pants as your figure-hugging base layer when your black skinny jeans are all stretched out and in need of a wash. Just hide the sporty length and logos with a few strategic layers.

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The Hidden Gem: Jean Jacket

When you're running low on blouses, turn to your collection of lightweight jackets for a quick fix. Case in point: A denim jacket buttoned all the way up can look great as a little top.

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The Hidden Gem: Cocktail Dress

Let it be known: Your cute nighttime clothes deserve more airtime! To make cocktail clothes work for daylight hours simply add a few low-key pieces in soft neutral colors.

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The Hidden Gem: Conservative LBD

Every woman has a nondescript LBD hiding in her wardrobe. While it might not be your fashion go-to, a few edgy accessories and a bit of inventive layering can do wonders for the basic.

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