Organized Chaos

by The Zoe Report

To once again reference my Virgo nature—I am a control freak who likes everything situated in an orderly fashion. This rings especially true for my clothes, shoes and accessories. I treat them like royalty, with the help of a few organizational tools, like these Closet Fetish Boxes.

I shudder at the thought of a messy closet. There is nothing worse than when you are running late and can’t find your second shoe. Disaster. To avoid these mishaps, I strongly recommend Closet Fetish Boxes. Store your treasured soles in style with these clever, colorful cases. Each box includes a frame on the outside, so you can display a picture of the enclosed platforms. Not only will these stackable boxes help you sort your flats from your tranny shoes, but they will also prolong the life of whatever treasures are inside. xoRZ.

Availability: Closet Fetish Couture Boxes (Set of 2 for $19.99). Available in pink, blue, red, lavender, brown and beige.