Picture It In Gold

by The Zoe Report

Thanks to my career as a stylist and my own personal penchant for taking photos, I never leave the house without a readily-accessible camera in my handbag. An indispensable device in the fashion world, cameras bring us everything from high fashion editorials to product stills and glamorous portraits…what would we do without them? I have accumulated quite a few picture-snapping gadgets over the years, but just stumbled upon another one that is a must have: Minox’s Leica Digital Camera!

This exclusive 24-carat gold edition is not only functional—the 5 megapixel gadget produces pin-sharp images and records gorgeous video footage—but is also exceptionally pretty. My favorite feature?…its size! Minox’s digital darling is meticulously miniaturized—fits in your palm—to one-third of its original dimensions, making it so easy to capture camera-worthy moments on-the-go. Take it along with you to your next event or fabulous vacation and do not be afraid to get a little snap-happy. This is one accessory that will go with everything! xoRZ

Availability: Leica M3 Gold Digital Camera by Minox ($349). For additional retailer information, visit Minox.com.