Scarf It Up

by The Zoe Report

As the summer season winds down and we shift our gears to fall—I can hardly wait either!—I know many of you will be inclined to store away your colorful accessories and shift toward a darker palette. However, I want everyone to stop and rethink this protocol during the upcoming season…why not view your vibrant add-ons as a year-round regime? Matthew Williamson shows us how it’s done with the multi-hued Circle Lace Strip Scarf from his Autumn Collection.

A kaleidoscope of color, this 100% silk scarf deserves a round of applause—make that a standing ovation—from every follower of fashion. It is exactly what one needs to liven up a subdued fall ensemble and show off some serious style…obsessed. Moving into the cooler months, I suggest wearing MW’s scarf with leggings, flat boots and a sweater for a casually chic look with just the right amount of flare. xoRZ

Availability: Matthew Williamson Circle Lace Strip Scarf ($195). For additional retailer information, visit Matthewwilliamson.com.

P.S. Officially 1 week until the Season 3 premiere of The Rachel Zoe Project!