Master The Art Of Mixing & Matching Your Swimwear

Ever try copying those effortlessly cool girls who haphazardly mix and match their bikinis only to look like you couldn’t afford a matching set? It may appear carefree, but there are rules to successfully execute the nonchalant trend. To ensure you look stylish, not disheveled, try following one of these four key pairings. The best part? The bathing suits you’ve been wearing all summer suddenly won’t seem so boring.

Work With What You've Got

Why spend money on a new suit when you can create new sets with the pieces you already own?

Monochrome Mix

Create interest by pairing an embellished piece with a solid separate.

Print Mix

Ease into print mixing by teaming a bold, geometric pattern with nautical stripes. Trust us, the formula is foolproof.

Texture Mix

Pair a textured piece with a print featuring colors in the same family.

Color Mix

Consistency is key. A neon top should be paired with bottoms in a different neon color, pastel with pastel, primary with primary...you get the point.