Living in a Lace World

by The Zoe Report

For those of you who were not old enough to truly experience Madonna circa 1980s, pay extra attention today. The material girl ignited too many trends to name, but one that is particularly relevant right now is lace. We will touch on the more elaborate examples of lace later, but at the moment I am craving a less-serious way to work the pretty fabric into your every day….like with these LNA Lace Leggings.

I obviously love lace in all of its most dramatic interpretations from the runway, but the idea of a lace legging exemplifies how to take the trend into your casual daily uniform—LNA does it perfectly. When your black tights or leggings are getting snoozy*, swap them out with an unexpected lace option for some added flavor. Wear them with an oversized tunic, combat boots and a big hair bow…you may be a lucky star 😉 xoRZ

*Snoozy = Boring

Zoe Do: Be sure to check out LNA’s Lace Back Tee and Bodysuit—both from their Holiday Collection.

Availability: LNA Lace Leggings ($110). For additional retailer information, visit Lnaclothing.com.