(Fashionably Late)

Jewelry Designer Cecilie Moosgaard Nielsen On The Virtue Of Repeat Outfits

She’s got her jeans and T-shirt game on lock.

courtesy of Cecilie Moosgaard
Cecilie Moosgaard lie studio
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Few feelings ignite more panic than running behind because you don’t know what to wear. File away some fail-safe outfit ideas to fall back on with TZR’s Fashionably Late series, where we tap our favorite tastemakers for the looks they reach for in a rush — and, naturally, the exact products you need to follow suit.

The thing about wearing jeans and a T-shirt together is that while, sure, the pieces themselves are supremely basic but, how you wear them doesn’t have to be. This is something Lié Studio co-founder and creative director Cecilie Moosgaard Nielsen fully understands. She starts nearly every day with some version of the simple combination, and uses layers and striking pieces from her jewelry brand to make the formula feel unique.

“I want getting dressed to be easy; it shouldn’t be something you stress about in the morning,” Moosgaard Nielsen tells TZR, noting vintage Levi’s, blazers, and sleek earrings as some of her staples. “I think every piece in your wardrobe should be a fallback outfit.” The way she views it, it’s always better to repeat a combination that makes you feel like the very best version of you versus chasing an entirely new aesthetic every day. “I don’t think people should be afraid to rewear things over and over again or feel like they have to do more. I think people look their best when they’re confident in their outfit.”

It’s easy to see why Moosgaard Nielsen is self-assured in her wardrobe choices. As documented in her breezy girl-about-town Instagram feed, her looks rely on thoughtfully chosen classics (a beautifully draped trench, denim that slouches in all the right places) styled together in a way that wears like a second, and very elegant, skin.

courtesy of Cecilie Moosgaard

Channel the creative’s vibe with her selections below — as well as a few TZR-vetted picks — all easy and effortless enough to wear with anything you already own.