Laundry Day

by The Zoe Report

The weekend is nearly here, which for many of us means it is time for household chores, chiefly laundry! Washing clothes is not necessarily a thrilling topic, but there is still a way to glamorize the experience…with The Laundress Fabric Fresh Spray.

You don’t realize how much you will use something like this until you have it. I spray Fabric Fresh on clothes, sheets, inside shoes—pretty much everywhere. The odor-removing mist immediately spruces up anything it touches and kills bacteria. It is available in four calming scents—Classic, Baby, Lady and Cedar—none of which are overbearing. The Laundress products are exceptionally fit for anyone with sensitive skin, because they are all allergen-free and non-toxic. I promise you and your clothes will love them…my other faves are the Static Solution and Crease Release. They are the perfect incentive to get your weekend chores over with during the day, so you can dedicate your nights to getting your dance on. xoRZ

Availability: The Laundress Fabric Fresh Spray ($14). Get 15% off all products on Thelaundress.com now through 10/25 when you enter promo code ‘Zoe’ at checkout.