Last-Minute Gift Ideas (For Everyone You Forgot)

It happens to the best of us: You receive a gift from someone you (gasp!) left off your gift list. The resulting awkwardness can deflate your holiday spirit faster than running out of eggnog. If you find yourself in this uncomfortable predicament, channel your panic into proactivity and grab one of these last-minute gifts, stat. Or better yet, order a few to have up your sleeve just in case.

Your Aunt

So your Aunt just decided to host impromptu Christmas Eve cocktails and you know a bag of cookies isn't going to cut it. Show her you care by ordering her a monogrammed cheeseboard and matching knife.

Your Boyfriend's Mother

She surprised you with a homemade knit scarf. While feigning excitement, quickly order her this gorgeous candle that comes with it's own gift-wrapped box.

Your Neighbor

Do you keep a copy of their spare keys and make regular cameos at their barbecues? Get them this genius wine-cooling device that will surely benefit you in the near future.

Your Coworker

Don't get caught feeling like the office Grinch. Brighten up your coworker's desk with an easy-to-assemble terrarium.

Your Pet Sitter

If you employ someone to clean up after your pet on a regular basis, play nice by getting them a gift they can use with all of their clients.

Your Cousin

Distant family members are virtually impossible to buy for, but it is safe to assume they'll appreciate music. Gift them three months of a Premium Spotify account which gives them access to endless albums and user-generated playlists. You can even go ahead and follow a few great ones on their behalf.

Spotify Premium Subscription, $.99 for 3 months

Your Boss

Your boss will appreciate a flashpack for charging his or her phone, particularly when traveling over the break. Here's hoping they don't use the additional battery power to call you every 15 minutes.