Last-Minute Costumes From Your Closet

Courtesy Everett Collection

We know the story: You had grandiose costume ideas all year long and then October hit, and your mind went blank. Well denial is no longer an option (the big day is tomorrow), so here are some easy ideas you can recreate using pieces from your own closet. Not spending a dime on your costume? That’s the only thing about Halloween that isn’t frightening.

Melanie Daniels, "The Birds"

All Photos: Everett Digital

"The Birds" Costume

Go all "Hitchcock heroine" with a disheveled up-do and elbow-length gloves. Stick to a '60s color palette like a mint green shift dress and a boxy blue jacket teamed with block heels and a structured purse. Extra credit: Befriend a pigeon or fashion a plastic bird to your hair.

Amy Elliott Dunne, "Gone Girl"

"Gone Girl" Costume

Channel "Amazing Amy" from this season's biggest novel-turned-film blockbuster in a preppy-chic striped top, blue jeans and an overstuffed belt bag. Carry a diary and whimsical pen. A psycho look in your eyes is a plus, but not necessary. Extra credit: Singe the edges of the diary.

Sister Mary Clarence, "Sister Act"

"Sister Act" Costume

A nun's habit is surprisingly easy to recreate and requires only a few accessories to elevate the basic costume to stage-worthy status. Start by cutting an oval hole in a white pillowcase, leaving enough space for your face to show, then use a few safety pins to hold the edges in place across your shoulders. Add some Deloris flair with red heels, round sunglasses and finish with a rosary-inspired necklace. Extra credit: Carry a microphone.

Captain Jack Sparrow, "Pirates Of The Caribbean"

"Pirates Of The Caribbean" Costume

Gather every scarf you've ever owned. We kid, but you'll need at least two. Start with a full head of braids and heavily kohl-lined eyes, then wrap a scarf across your forehead as a headband. Next, layer a long gilet over a billowy blouse and boyfriend jeans tucked into slouchy boots. Cinch the look with another striped scarf. Extra Credit: Tote an empty rum bottle (or not empty, whatever).