On The Wall

by The Zoe Report

Just like building a wardrobe, arranging the interior of your home comes down to every last detail. When all is said and done, each attribute—no matter how big or small—should come together to form an environment that really inspires and relaxes you. Personally, I aim for my surroundings to mix modernism with 1960s glamour, the same characteristics of my closet, and Jonathan Adler’s Ventana Mirror fits this theme perfectly!

A fellow New Jersey native, Jonathan Adler is a master at interior design. I get lost browsing his unique pottery, vibrant throws and classically cool furniture. I landed on this sunburst mirror for today, because it will match a wide-range of aesthetics and bring any living area to life. A mirror is the quickest way to open up your space! Now set aside some time this weekend to rearrange, revamp or redecorate some part of your home—even the slightest change can have a dramatic effect—and Twitpic me the results! We all deserve a special haven away from the world. xoRZ

Availability: Jonathan Adler Ventana Mirror ($495). For additional retailer information, visit Jonathanadler.com.