A Winter Trick For When You Don't Feel Like Wearing a Scarf

Refresh your style with very little effort.

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how to wear sweater as scarf
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The superior kind of style ‘tricks’ are those that add a little nuance to your everyday staples. An effortless sock scrunch, an intentionally crumpled shirt collar, the imitable sleeve roll — finishing touches to distinguish your style. Once winter unleashes its icy temperatures, it can be challenging to incorporate these thoughtful details into your outfit when a coat is covering 75% of your body. But no need to resign yourself to a season of snoozy style. There’s a fashion hack emerging that is taking winter accessorizing up a notch. Rather than winding a wool scarf around the neck, a chunky sweater knotted around the neck is decidedly the must-try alternative for 2022.

“I love tying a sweater over my shoulders in lieu of a scarf,” stylist Neelo Noory says. “It’s less fussy than a long wool scarf and a unique way to show off your favorite sweaters.” But her advice doesn’t come without a caveat. “I’d recommend this only for a thick sweater as thin ones don’t feel quite as cool,” she adds. Her preferred approach is one tie, off-centered so the back comes slightly off the shoulder for a low-effort, high-impact finish.

If you’ve experimented with this look at all, then you already know it’s sort of like tying the perfect ponytail — the best one happens usually when you’re putting in the least effort, so don’t overthink it and next time you’re headed outside, snag a knit from the closet and cinch it around your neck for an easy, fresh take on cold-weather dressing. Below, a few ideas worth recreating.

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Over a Leather Coat

Soften up a long leather coat with a cozy knit tied asymmetrically around the shoulders. For a seasonal palette, try black and brown together as spotted above.

With a Boxy Blazer

If you’re into the whole effortless dressing thing, then a boxy blazer is likely already in your repertoire. Pair it with a sweater tied around the neck for an even more just-threw-this-on kind of effect.

A Shoulder Drape

Rather than always relying on a scarf or shawl for added warmth, a chic knit draped entirely over the shoulders feels especially elegant and timeless.

A Trench Coat’s Best Friend

For a combination you can rely on week after week, month after month, make it the black sweater and trench coat pairing.

Slung Over the Shoulder

A long coat will always feel sleek — make a sweater slung over one shoulder the finishing touch for a cool evening look.

Neutral Color Palette

A palette of browns, black, and creams always feels right — especially when it’s chilly outside. Pair a blouse and slacks with a sweater draped around the shoulder for an outfit you can always rely on.

For a Pop of Color

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An easy way to bring some color to your winter wardrobe is with a brightly hued sweater positioned over your layers.

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