The Feminine Outfit Combination You Can Wear In Fall, Too

A woman in a feminine outfit combination; white-blue floral top and blue denim jeans

Get ready to meet the look that’s going to take you into fall: No matter where you’re headed, the statement-top-and-denim-shorts combo is a winning one. When we’re just kicking it around the city, a statement top is just the thing to make us feel a little more tailored than we would in a T-shirt. And, what’s more, if you get a text about that last-minute lunch meeting, you’ll feel styled to go wherever the day might take you without feeling totally underdressed. For festive dinners, don’t fuss over not being able to wear that summer staple. Simply opt for a more tailored or cuffed version of denim bottoms and style it with a statement top that’s more reminiscent of a boudoir-inspired pajama shirt or even an ultra-feminine floral. And more, when you’re headed to after-hours drinks, those denim shorts are still your best friend, especially in a deep tone of black. Top ’em with a sheen-finish shirt or something equally glitzy and you’re good to go.

In short, a statement top paired with jean shorts is about to become the easiest outfit formula you’ve mastered since you first slipped on a leather jacket over a midi dress. Read on for ways to wear the combo before we drift into cooler temps — and then don’t be afraid to swap your cut-offs for a pair of ankle-grazing selvedge denim or have an oversized blazer at the ready.


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