How To Be An Instagram Boss

Shocking, we know, but life isn’t all about the likes. Wise celebrities know that they can make waves with social media, and Instagram in particular can be used to make some serious statements. Here, a few lessons from the fabulously famous feeds that are winning the social game by being way more than selfies, brunch shots, and #hotdoglegs. You might want to take notes.

Marc Jacobs - @themarcjacobs

Marc Jacobs has previously gone on record with his dislike of social media and computers. So what made the former Luddite finally get on the ‘Gram this week? As Marc by Marc merges into Marc Jacobs and the company considers going public, the move shows that the power of social media branding is impossible to ignore.

Beyonce - @beyonce

Nearly all photos on Beyonce's #flawless feed are posted without comment. Why so mysterious, Bey? She proves that sometimes saying nothing says everything. Case in point: #elevatorgate. When people speculated that a feud with Rihanna may have had something to do with the infamous tiff, Beyonce changed the conversation by posting a photo of the two of them together at the Met Gala.

Anna Wintour - N/A

Despite steering Conde Nast into digital age, Ms. Wintour chooses to abstain from social media altogether. Now that’s a power move.

Eva Chen - @evachen212

With only shoes, a bag, and an apple, Lucky Editor-in-Chief Eva Chen managed to hit trending status from the backseat of a car. The daily photos from her commute started as an original spin on #OOTD posts and turned into a bonafide social media movement: #Evachenpose.

Grace Coddington - @therealgracecoddington

The woman behind some of the most iconic editorials in fashion decided to use her account for drawings instead of photos. Proving that she has a firm grasp on the Internet, Coddington's delightfully quirky illustrations often feature her cats. She even has a social media scandal under her belt—the red-headed rebel was briefly kicked off of Instagram for posting a (gasp!) nude drawing.

Rihanna - @badgalriri

Rihanna’s late night selfies, #RIHposts meme and candids make it almost feel like she’s just a particularly fabulous friend in your feed. Amongst celebrity Instagrams, her irreverent and absolutely #nofilter account is incredibly refreshing—not to mention she just dropped her new single via a post.

Oprah Winfrey - @oprah

Oprah’s millions of followers are treated to photos of produce harvests from her vegetable garden and candid moments with A-list pals. But who gets a follow from her? No one. All hail Oprah.