How can I stay stylish on-the-go?

by The Zoe Report

Dear Rachel,

I will be traveling a lot over the holidays and need advice on what to wear and pack. How can I stay stylish on-the-go? Thank you!


Roxi K.


Thank you for your question—jet set style is one of my favorite subjects! I know how stressful traveling is, especially during this time of year, so I put together a list of my essential going out of town items to smooth over the process. Whether you are driving to grandmother’s house in the woods or flying into a buzzing Manhattan, check off as many as you can and get ready for a chic journey. xoRZ

1. Weekender Bag – Let’s start with a too big to be a purse, yet smaller than a suitcase bag. While you are on the road or in the air, this mandatory travel companion will safely stow all of your belongings and simultaneously reveal your style savvy.

2. Eye Mask and Blanket— A dear friend of mine gave me a luxe traveling blanket and matching eye mask last year and they have forever changed my flying life. When you have your own personal cozy throw and sleep mask in lieu of the set provided for you on a plane, you almost immediately fall into a stylish sleep.

3. Flat Boots — Although I am most at one with heels, I strongly recommend traveling in flats…but please make it a stylish pair. Both riding boots and over-the-knee boots are huge trends this season, so choose your favorite and take them from the fashion runways to the airport runway.

4. Sunglasses— Ideally, I think everyone should take two pairs of sunglasses on any vacay—one set with transparent lenses for the general purpose of blocking rays while still having conversation, and the other with super dark lenses a la Jackie O…in case your holiday parties get the best of you.

5. Travel Candle— Whenever I stay in any room that is not my own, I always light at least one candle with sandalwood scented undertones. It creates a calm ambience and makes me feel like I am at home.

6. Oversized Wrap Sweater — A larger-than-life sweater is a must-have for any long trip. It works as a blanket and a chic cover-up to hide the not-so-cute outfit you may be wearing on your journey. Snuggle up!

7. Unstructured Hat — We all know what hair looks like after travel, so a hat to hide the mess is crucial. Go with a floppy style or beanie, not a bowler or anything else structured that you would have to be precious with in your luggage.