How can I get the look that you wore to Giorgio Armani’s show in Milan?

by The Zoe Report


Hi! I’ve been closely following all of your fashion week tweets, and it goes without saying that every single thing you wear is picture perfect. I’d be lost without you as my inspiration. I am writing to ask about the outfit you wore to the Giorgio Armani show in Milan, because I saw on your Twitpics that the clothes are Armani, but who designed your necklace, hat, and sunnies? And how can I get the look? Love, Alicia H.

Submitted via e-mail

Location: Denver, CO


Thank you for following my tweets—I am slightly addicted to taking Twitpics! For Armani’s show, which was amazing as to be expected, I wore an Armani dress and coat with a long Lanvin necklace and platform Casadei pumps. As for the hat and sunnies, they are both vintage, but you can definitely find something similar!

Start with an impeccably fitting black dress as your base (this also includes staple black tights and heels!) and wear a thin neutral jacket over it. Then add a long, multi-strand necklace as the focal point of your ensemble. Finish the outfit with a vintage-inspired hat (aim for one in an interesting color that has feathers, though that can be a challenge to find!), small black round sunnies and a classic structured bag…and voila you have the look! xoRZ