Special Edition: Style Your Space

by The Zoe Report

Taking a brief timeout from all of my wardrobe wishes for the new season, let’s discuss an equally compelling topic, interior design. What is often viewed as an elusive and intimidating subject matter, styling your space can truly be approached with the same outlook as your closet. Fill it with clean lines, pops of color and personal touches! And just like an outfit, sometimes all it takes to make your whole place feel brand new is a few fresh pieces, which is why I rounded up my latest—ahem, affordable—decor faves in today’s guide of 20 Posh Home Accessories!

Run don’t walk to discover all of the fabulous finds inside this catalog of home-perfect pieces. From a deluxe Faux Fur Throw by Dennis Basso to Jonathan Adler’s Hazaard Coasters and Chiasso’s Spike Wall Clock, you will be amazed by all of the off-the-chain offerings out there, at not-so-outrageous price points. For realz! Do I have your attention? Get ready to style your space! xoRZ

Availability: Shop for 20 Posh Home Accessories now in my Home Accessories Guide!