Cycle Chic

by The Zoe Report

Christmas may be over, but that won’t stop us from fantasizing about out-of-this-world fashion wants on a daily basis. Ladies and gents, acquaint yourselves with the Hermès Bicycle—a two-wheeler so fierce that if offered the choice between an iconic Hermès Kelly Bag and it, we don’t know which one we would pick!

The holy grail of designer bicycles, this stylish one-seater is more than just a pretty thing to look at—though it is really pretty. Functionally built of stainless steel and Taurillon Clemence leather, she is made complete with a kickstand, spoke protector and front and back lighting—so you can ride both day and night! Are you daydreaming along with us? Put on your most stylish outfit and take Hermès for a spin!

Availability: Hermès Bicycle ($4525). For additional information, visit Hermes.com.