Hot Wheels

by The Zoe Report

In the heat of summer, there is nothing more appropriate than bleach blonde locks, beachside soirées—I am patiently awaiting my Hamptons getaway—and other warm-weather pastimes: i.e. bike riding! While it may be rare for me to hop on a bike at home in LA, I can still appreciate the timeless seasonal activity…especially if Gucci’s Cruiser Bicycle is involved!

This white-hot bike, complete with Gucci-ized handlebars, seat and side pack—the perfect home for your fave purse—has summer written all over it. Aside from being one of the most amahzing investment pieces of the season, it also doubles as a true designer work of art…with the promise of glamorous biking excursions for years to come! Just don’t get caught admiring it for so long that you forget about your cycling attire: a printed romper and flat sandals (safe and stylish) should do the trick. Now promise me you’ll wear a helmet, k? xoRZ

Availability: Gucci Cruiser Bicycle ($6365). Available on Gucci.com.