Fashion Rules You Should Be Breaking

Abiding by fashion rules can equate to an incredibly dull sartorial existence. Whether you feel obligated to store away your whites after Labor Day or believe you should only wear a gown with heels, following the rules is just plain boring. Thankfully it only takes a little moxie to veer from convention, so here are a few ideas that should empower you to break some long-adhered-to fashion rules and look impossibly stylish while doing so.

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

Sequins For Day

Sparkly pieces are appropriate for daytime as long as you temper them with casual, menswear items. We love the juxtaposition of a leather military shirt with a feminine sequin skirt.

Whites After Labor Day

Go ahead and continue wearing your whites after Labor Day. An off-white ensemble of nubby knits and wool trousers makes an effortlessly chic statement.

Gown With Sneakers

A fabulous evening gown shouldn't collect dust in your closet due to a lack of black-tie invitations. Mix things up by pairing one with sneakers (seriously) for a cool-girl sportswear spin.

Mix Your Metals

Forget what your mother told you: Mixing metals is absolutely ok and instantly ups your jewelry game. We're partial to layering delicate gold and silver pendants.

Black And Navy

Despite being close on the color spectrum, black and navy look surprisingly classic and incredibly stylish when paired together. Just make sure the navy item is blue enough to create a contrast.