The Fall Bag Trend You Should Try, According To Your Zodiac Sign

A woman posing while wearing fall trend clothes

When it comes time to splurging on a new fall bag trend, there are many factors that will likely be considered before making such a purchase. Between deciding the right trend, brand, and style to opt for, not to mention your budget, it can end up being quite a difficult decision to make, especially considering where you land on the personality spectrum. For some, love at first sight will take over—you’ll know exactly the bag you want, the moment you see it and you just go for it. If you’re an Aries, this is likely a familiar experience. If you’re a Libra, however, you might have to think about it for months before you commit. At the end of the day, our innate instincts will dictate our purchasing behavior and what we believe to be a worthwhile investment.

To help make the decision a little easier for everyone, however, we thought it would be interesting — and fun — to look to the stars for a bit of guidance on how to spend some major money. We tapped astrologer and empowerment coach Natalia Benson for her expert insight into each sign’s spending style, in order to determine which fall bag trends would be most justifiable for every sign. Here’s what she had to say, as well as a few ideas to inspire your next bag purchase.


Look To The Stars


"Aries is the sign that just spends," says Benson. "Even if the bank account is getting a bit low, a splurge won’t hurt." You’re confident, impulsive nature means you’ll likely be the first one to spring for one of fall’s biggest bag trends—crocodile. This season, the material comes in particularly unique and architectural styles and, while some may question these bags' practicality, you prefer the unique, show-stopping pieces that will have everyone oohing and aahing. For you, there’s no use stressing about it.


If you’re a Taurus, you’re likely highly aware of your penchant for nice things. As Benson puts it, “Taureans love luxury." She adds, "As a Venus-ruled sign, luxury, beauty, and pleasure really have no major price limit." Admittedly, you pride yourself in beautiful purchases, but at least your occasionally materialistic inclinations always translate to impeccable taste. For fall, colored snakeskin is the ultimate embodiment of luxury—though it’s also a trend that can go awry if you don’t choose carefully. As a Taurus, picking out the most expensive-looking versions of the trend won’t be a problem for you.


When Benson told us that "Gemini’s tend to either think before they spend or go all out and get the bag, the shoes, and the ring," only one equally over-the-top brand immediately came to mind. Alessandra Michele’s Gucci collections hold nothing back, and offer plenty of accessories for you to pile on in addition to the bag. Benson further explains, "Spending or making a big purchase can be a bit of a black or white thing, it’s either a yes or a no, but you will ponder it over intellectually first." Frankly, every fashion girl has been tantalized by the idea of owning something by Gucci at this point, so you’ve likely had some time to think this decision over, too. This fall, opt for one of their new suede styles to see you through many more seasons ahead.


"Little known fact — Cancer’s are actually considered a money sign in astrology," says Benson. "They tend to spend for comfort, love of friends, and those close to them." While it may be difficult for you to splurge on yourself, a classic style that will withstand the test of time will be much easier for you to justify. "If it reminds you of something of the past, it’s a full yes to your wallet coming out before you can rationalize a no," says Benson. A canvas-inspired crossbody offers a comfortingly vintage aesthetic that you will find hard to resist. Not only are they fall’s version of the ubiquitous basket bag trend — read, about to be everywhere — but they’re just the right amount of retro, in a romanticized kind of way.


"Leo’s love the expression of luxury and, to some degree, being totally ostentatious," says Benson. So there’s no better option for you this fall than indulging in a little logomania. She adds, "As a fire sign, your spending is fast and furious. You’ll look at the credit card bill later when there’s time." Enter: Fendi’s iconic print in an updated leather style. The brand's bags might err on the expensive side of the designer department, but as a Leo, you’ll love flaunting one of the Italian house’s signature, swanky pieces for fall.


"Virgo’s rationalize their spending and do so with careful thought and with an eye towards excellent quality. If it’s a high ticket price but will stand the test of time, it’s a total yes for you!" says Benson. Your attention to detail means you also have a serious appreciation for craftsmanship and, luckily, many designers have been emphasizing beautiful stitching and construction for this season. Though the look does come in a range of prices, such details give the bags a classic feel to help you rationalize your purchase. Ultimately, this should be one decision you don’t have to overanalyze.


For indecisive Libras, an investment bag can be a particularly challenging choice to make. While it’s true that "Libran’s love luxury, but in an understated way," Benson explains that, "their spending involves weighing all of their options, perhaps even finding the best deal. They aren’t fast spenders like their opposing signs, Aries." Because you’re careful to weigh all your options before making any purchase, let alone a big one, you have a knack for discovering cool brands and pieces before anyone else. It’s a major perk of that indecisive nature of yours. To make your decision easier this fall, we’re narrowing the bags down to two options: both from under-the-radar designers that clearly look expensive, though in that mysterious, understated way you prefer.


As a Scorpio, you’ll want a trend that still allows you to weigh your options (and give your budget some wiggle room). As Benson explains, "Scorpios tend to be methodical and thoughtful with their money and spending. If an item makes a statement about their status it’s typically a non-brainer. However, Scorpios are very careful and typically pretty cautious not to overspend or spend frivolously." For Scorpios, we’d suggest a classic, quilted logo bag, as almost every major designer has their own gorgeous version. From the Gucci Marmont to Saint Laurent’s Matelassée style, you can pick a brand that best fits your personal aesthetic and price range. Because the style is so popular, you’d also have some success finding a gently used version available for resale—and with a discount. But no matter which one you choose, those flashy little numbers can make the kind of statement you’ll appreciate.


“Sagittarius is known as one of the most optimistic of the signs, again taking the laissez-faire attitude that, even if it’s spent, it will surely return," says Benson. “Sagittarians are gregarious and quite generous with their coin." So, for fall, opt for a playful bag that mimics your adventurous spirit. From feathers to pearls, pastels to polka dots, there are plenty of whimsical touches this season that will match your natural energy. While some might not be comfortable shelling out for these silly, special details, you appreciate the joy they bring and love the idea of something that switches things up.


As a Capricorn, you take your spending seriously. Benson explains, “Capricorn is one of the most stable and secure spenders when it comes to finances — they view money as security-inducing as well as status-producing." However, she adds that, "you can either be extremely frugal or spend on luxury items if your money management is in order (which it almost always is)." So the smartest bag you can purchase this season? A piece of vintage-inspired logomania from the classic brands that are reviving their most iconic prints. It was hard to miss the recent return of the Dior saddle bag, which also helped bring back the house’s cloth logo print. Luckily, even if you prefer to lean on the frugal side, you can find it for a steal on vintage sites like The Real Real, Vestiaire Collective or What Goes Around Comes Around. You’ll still make a statement with one of these.


"Aquarius is known for being a very independent sign, so pinning them down with any particular spending style, is a bit tough," says Benson. "Aquarius prefer freedom of self-expression and not being boxed in." A wild thing like you should be embracing fall’s Western trend with full force. These bags are the most elegant version of cowgirl-chic, and will allow you to be a rebel in style this season.


As a Pisces, you’ll likely feel an instinctive draw towards the bag that’s best for you. "Pisces have an other-wordly energy according to the zodiac," says Benson. It would be difficult, however, to not be enamored by Chloe’s gorgeous line of bags for fall, as their whimsical, bohemian style plays well into your daydreamy, creative spirit. Benson adds, "Your spending style can definitely amount to paying little attention to your bank account and always trusting there will be more than enough." So, while you’re at it, you may want to add one of the stunning, mismatched straps to your purchase. You’re a natural trendsetter but tend to have a quiet nature, so this combination would be the perfect, subtle mix of style and originality for you.