Exclusive Q&A with FEED’s Lauren Bush

by The Zoe Report

RZ: As seen in today’s edition of TZR , the new FEED 1000 Clutch is beyond, featuring Italian linen and beaded detailing. What influenced your design process?

LB: The design process was really a meet in the middle between FEED’s more rustic, artisan made aesthetic and Judith Leiber’s fancy elegance. We used a metallic linen as the base of the bag with FEED 1000 stamped on it and artisan beading, as a sophisticated, young, simple and elegant solution.

RZ: I love that you collaborated with mah-jor handbag designer, Judith Leiber, on the FEED 1000 Clutch. Are there any other designers you hope to work with? If so, who?

LB: Working with Judith Leiber, the gold standard for evening clutches, was such a pleasure! Since the goal of FEED is to give as many meals as we can, I would love to collaborate with many designers in creating FEED bags and products that reflect their design sensibility and ours!

RZ: With FEED Projects, you travel all around the world interacting with so many interesting people. What is the most inspiring place or person you have met throughout your countless travels?

LB: I am always inspired after traveling for FEED to see the programs our bags and products benefit! Each country is so different, but the place I visited that was the toughest and most eye opening was probably Chad. There I visited Sudanese refugee camps. It is imperfect, but amazing, the camp system for refugees. And among the brown landscape of the camp, I met a group of amazing Sudanese women who had started a basket weaving coop in order to earn a living! The camaraderie between the women, bright colors they wore, and the crafts they were making were so beautiful!

RZ: If you could give my Zoe Reporters one piece of advice on how to become more philanthropic, what would it be?

LB: My advice is simply to do something. Identify a cause, whether it be locally or globally, that you are about and go do it! It can seem overwhelming initially, but when you start giving of your time and creativity it is so rewarding!

RZ: On a style sidenote, what’s one thing—apparel or accessory—that you can always count on to make you feel glamorous?

LB: Besides my FEED bag of course, and with summer approaching…I would have to say that a sun dress always makes me feel pretty!

Availability: Judith Leiber FEED 1000 Clutch ($495). For additional information, visit Feedprojects.com.