Editors Discuss What To Expect At Fashion Week Spring 2015

It’s Fashion Week which means staffers from every major magazine and website descend on New York City to race from runway to runway in the pursuit of next season’s most fabulous fashions. Just before the start of the madness, we gathered three editors, Racked LA’s Natalie Alcala, Revolve Editorial Director Lindsey Cummins and our very own Editorial Manager Nicky Deam, to discuss good music, good fashion and the items you shouldn’t head to the shows without.

Here’s the CliffsNotes version:

1. The Opening Ceremony show is bound to be a hot ticket thanks to Spike Jonze and Jonah Hill.

2. The hardest shows to get to are in Brooklyn, unless of course a designer is showing in Montauk this season.

3. In terms of street style, “normcore” will be phased out in favor of ’60s-inspired style.

4. Tracking down an Uber can be a test of wills, so take a stroll, or if you’re particularly coordinated, skateboard. (Sneakers are in, so why not put them to use?).

5. It may be September, but the temperature is still steamy. Dress accordingly.

6. Rihanna is always a fun one to see because of her always-edgy fashion choices, and if you keep an eye out, you might spot a Kardashian relative on a runway or two.

7. Even during Fashion Week food is important. Insiders are psyched about the Ludlow Hotel’s newest addition: Dirty French. A classic go-to for an after-show bite is ABC Kitchen.

8. A perfectly executed show also often means a good addition to your playlist (make sure your Shazam is out and ready to go).

9. During Fashion Week there is perhaps no better accessory than a cell-phone charger.

10. Let’s be honest, fashion is fun. Stop complaining!

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