Earth-Friendly Fashion At Every Price Point

Being earth-minded (both eco-friendly and socially conscious) no longer means you have to drape yourself in hemp from your local farmers’ market. Thanks to these brands we can now stylishly celebrate the world we live in. Here, our favorite pieces in every price range. Because you shouldn’t have to spend big bucks to make a difference.

Studio 189

Socially Conscious: Creates economic opportunity for artisans, empowers local communities and provides access to education.

Alabama Chanin

Eco-Conscious: Creates hand-sewn heirloom garments made from 100% organic cotton sourced sustainably from seed to fabric.


Socially Conscious: Consistently supports and nurtures niche artisans in Kenya, India, Peru and Colombia.

ASOS Africa

Socially Conscious: Helps growth and empowerment in Africa, encouraging artisans and community groups across the continent.

Delikate Rayne

Eco- & Socially Conscious: Invent cruelty-free and sustainable textiles, work with local artisans and use family-owned manufacturers.

HM Conscious

Eco-Conscious: Uses natural resources responsibly, reduce carbon emissions per store, conscious water and chemical usage and follow strict policies to protect animals.

Amour Vert

Eco-Conscious: Uses American manufacturers, non-toxic dyes, sustainable fibers, innovative fabrics and a zero waste design philosophy.

Ryan Roche

Socially Conscious: Employs a women's collective in Nepal to construct the woven garments by hand.

BASE Range

Eco-Conscious: Produces sustainable underpinnings made from natural fibers, such as bamboo and organic cotton.


Socially Conscious: Supports manufacturers, infrastructure and community building initiatives in Africa (where 95% of the collection is made).

Osei Duro

Socially Conscious: Produces textiles and garments in Ghana, applying traditional techniques such as hand dyeing and weaving, also encouraging the local garment industry to become sustainable.


Eco-Conscious: Transparent about eco-friendly use of fabrics, dyes and production. This garment is made from tencel, saving 2637 gallons of water and 23 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions.

Suzanne Rae

Eco- & Socially Conscious: Incorporates environmentally-friendly materials (75% of the fabrics consist of biodegradable natural fibers) into garments constructed by international artisans in Peru.


Eco-Conscious: Use environmentally sensitive fabrics and low-impact digital printing process that entails very little waste of fabric, ink, water or electricity.


Socially Conscious: Honors and empowers artisans creatively, economically and culturally by providing education, sustainable fair-trade employment and a platform designed to preserve and support traditional art forms.