The Sweet Life + Exclusive Q&A with Author Dylan Lauren

by The Zoe Report

In today’s edition of The Zoe Report, I am revealing my first ever Q&A with Dylan Lauren, the founder and CEO of Dylan’s Candy Bar, about her new book Dylan’s Candy Bar: Unwrap Your Sweet Life. Indulge in her sweet answers below and order your copy of her book now to candy-coat your coffee table! xoRZ

RZ: Why did you decide to write Dylan’s Candy Bar: Unwrap Your Sweet Life? DL: I love candy and wanted to show the fun of candy and how Dylan’s Candy Bar merges fashion, art and pop culture with candy to bring out the creative spirit and inner child in everyone—especially readers who can’t get to one of our stores.

RZ: As someone who loves to bake, I am dying to know what your favorite candy-inspired dessert is? DL: Rice Krispies or Puffins Cereal treats with tons of marshmallows and pieces of M+Ms, chocolate chips, 3 Musketeer Bites, and mini malt balls inside.

RZ: If you were able to make a dress out of candy, which candy would you use and why? DL: I love all candies that are glossy with primary colors, so I’d have to say gumballs or Colorworks M&M’s

RZ: There’s a lot of advice in your book about planning the perfect party. Can you give my Zoe Reporters one fabulous entertaining tip? DL: Always use candy! Everyone loves candy and you can’t go wrong with it. There’s candy for every age, theme and taste bud.

RZ: Your dad, Ralph Lauren, is obviously a fashion legend. How has fashion played a role in Dylan’s Candy Bar, aka the most fashionable candy heaven of all? DL: I always look at the swatches of colors, patterns, and textures of clothes or bags and project how I can package candy in a more artistic, hip way.

RZ: On a style sidenote, what is at the top of your wish list for fall? DL: Boots that look great and feel like sneakers!

RZ: I’m not sure I could ever pick my top five favorite designers, but could you pick your five favorite candies? DL: Marshmallow fluff, vanilla divinity, red string licorice, red Swedish fish and Cadbury cream eggs.

RZ: By following your passion and making a successful career out of it, you are truly a great example for young girls and women. What advice can you give to my readers when it comes to following their dreams? DL: Never listen to naysayers, surround yourself only with positive influences and follow your dreams.

Availability: Dylan’s Candy Bar: Unwrap Your Sweet Life by Dylan Lauren ($35). For additional retailer information, visit Dylanscandybar.com.