Deep Into Denim

by The Zoe Report

Denim has never disappeared from fashion’s consciousness, but now the virtually indestructible fabric is truly having its moment. This time around, nearly every designer is producing denim in all possible ways and at every price point. To once again touch on the rock n’ roll theme for fall, I’m highlighting the Zipper Edge Biker Jacket from the renowned denim duo, Current/Elliott.

This motorcycle take on a classic denim jacket (or the like) is a key factor to anyone’s wardrobe. For girls, I suggest styling it with your lightweight dresses or mini skirts—it’s the sexiest way to autumnize* your summer uniform. That being said, my denim obsession isn’t merely female-oriented. I LOVE a man who rocks distressed denim jacket as if he’s had it for a lifetime—paired with a vintage tee, washed-out khakis and beat-up boots. The trick to any successful denim look is to not treat your pieces too preciously; throw them in a ball, toss them in dirt, and voila you’ve achieved that had-it-forever aesthetic. Key note…denim is effortless, it’s NOT meant to be fancy, it’s meant to be cool. xoRZ

*autumnize = the act of transiting your wardrobe from summer to fall

Availability: Current/Elliott Zipper Edge Biker Jacket ($288 at Ronherman.com starting 9/1).