Take A Seat

by The Zoe Report

If you are suspicious that we have been looking at the world through printed-colored lenses lately, you might be onto something. From our wardrobes to our homes, the eye-catching trend has us hook, line and sinker. This brings us to our question du jour: How sweet would Dedon’s Fedro Chairs look in the backyard?

Like a statement necklace to a dress, these avant-garde seats will accessorize any outdoor space to the nines. A first-time furniture piece from Milanese fashion designer, Lorenza Bozzoli, each seat blends a sleek structure with a brilliant print to yield sought-after status. Inspired by the Flamingo, Colibri and Quetzal tropical birds of Latin America, their myriad of bright hues offer the perfect complement to deck out a summer fête—plus their no-legs, stackable design provide convenient portability. So, arrange one or more Fedro chairs in your own lawn, then get to party planning!

Availability: Dedon Fedro Chair (price available upon request). For retailer and additional information, visit Dedon.de.

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