E-Consignment Rules: Shopping Pointers From The Pros

In case it isn’t obvious, we’re a bit obsessed with online consignment shopping. But as breezy as the process can be, acquiring something secondhand via the internet or your smart phone is not always seamless. Here, to help you navigate the terrain are a few true experts in the field, including Ambre Dahan (Walk In My Closet), Jennifer Delonge (Reissued), Elizabeth Kott (Closet Rich) and Sari Bibliowicz (Bib & Tuck). Hailing from their respective couture corners of the web, these lovely ladies offer invaluable insight to keep in mind before you check out. Click through for their expert advice now!

Secondhand Shopping Rules

Click through for pointers from the e-consignment pros!

Rule #1: Do Your Research

Ambre: "Learning about the condition of an item is an absolute necessity. Read the description carefully so you're not disappointed with a purchase."

Sari: "I would first take a look at the seller's ratings and check the return policy of the site you're buying from. Fake and misrepresented items are often a top worry among consignment shoppers, so be sure to check a store's return policy."

Walk In My Closet Alaia Sandals, $10000, Bib + Tuck Barbara Bui Purse, $580.

Rule #2: Know What To Buy

Jennifer: "Jackets. You can never have enough and there is always wiggle room when it comes to measurements."

Sari: "Definitely accessories and handbags; they are size agnostic so fit is not a concern."

Reissued Vintage Leather Jacket, $148.

Rule #3: Size Matters

Ambre: "I think knowing your size in different brands is a major advantage."

Jennifer: "Measurements from the past few decades have changed dramatically. Garments today with a size 4 would equate to an 8 or larger from years past — so be sure to know your own measurements."

Photo: @reissued.

Rule #4: Ask Questions

Jennifer: "If you want to know if a piece has been tailored or altered, what the item's condition is, or anything else — message the seller. The more social a customer is when consignment shopping, the better the experience."

Elizabeth: "Always be mindful when shopping. Ask yourself, 'What role will the item play in your wardrobe? Is it essential? Perfect for an upcoming special occasion? How much will it be worn?'"

Closet Rich Denim Shorts, $28.

Rule #5: Shop Smart

Jennifer: "Know your sources and shop online with sellers you love. If something looks shady or sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

Elizabeth: "I generally try an item on in the store, then I go home and see where I can find it cheapest online. That's the closet rich thing to do."

Photo: @closetrich.

Rule #6: Google First

Elizabeth: "It never hurts to Google Image Search the style name and brand of the item you want to buy; it helps to see other images of the piece and confirms if you're getting a fair price."

Sari: "Make sure you've seen photos of the item from all angles."

Photo: @bibandtuck.

Rule #7: Bookmark Big Brands

Ambre: "Isabel Marant sells out the quickest."

Walk In My Closet Isabel Marant Jeans, $86, and Scarf, $35.

Rule #8: Shop Against Season

Sari: "Buying clothes during the off season is the best way to score a deal (think: sunglasses in the winter, coats in the summer)."

Bib + Tuck Stella McCartney Coat, $510.