Festival Packing List: Always Judging’s Courtney Trop

Today, the ultra-stunning L.A. blogger Courtney Trop of Always Judging shares her no-fuss wardrobe picks for Coachella, plus, her ingredients for the perfect festival survival kit.

“My plans for Coachella are super simple. I’ll be doing nothing work-related, and lots and lots of laying out by my pool with friends (wearing SPF 50 of course), at the house we rented in Indio. This is my seventh Coachella and I do the exact same thing every year, which is see my favorite bands and hang with my friends. I’m the most excited to see Disclosure, since my boyfriend made me miss them both times last year! My goal is to not miss them again! I’m also excited to see Empire of the Sun for the fifth time, since they always kill it!”

See what Courtney's bringing to Coachella.

Packing Mantra: Mindless Dressing

"Mindless dressing is something I aim for in life, and especially when traveling. My life is stress-free when all of my clothing options are interchangeable and can be worn together. A clean color palette of mostly whites, and one possible bright color, which will be the star of the weekend, is ideal for me. Having one-of-a-kind pieces that I won’t see anyone wearing is something I desire."

Must-Have Item: Tons Of Denim

"Stuffing my suitcase with a million denim options, and one easy lightweight blazer is a tradition for me. Since I’m used to the warm Cali weather, I get super cold at night in the desert. (Pack smart, festival goers! It get’s chilly at night!) As for jewelry, you can never have too much silver bling come festival season."

Brand Loyalty: Acne

"Acne, I love you so much and I wouldn’t ever do a festival without you! Hopefully, I don’t trash these white and black woven oxfords too badly."

New Piece: High-Top Espadrilles

"I’ve finally warmed up to the whole espadrille movement once I realized how comfy they were. These were my first Chanel purchase in almost 10 years, and it felt good. They are definitely coming with me to the festival, especially since they’re easy to clean."

Hero Accessory: A Wide-Brim Hat

"Hats are my second skin, and I have a teeny tiny head. I haven’t been able to find a hat in stores that properly fits my head. I’ve finally met the hat-maker of my dreams, Glady Tamez, who custom fits my head to make me the perfect hat! I have light eyes and pale skin, so protecting my face is also very important to me."

Beauty Philosophy: Keep It Simple

"I wear a minimal amount of makeup normally - this is especially true during festival season. (It’s hot people, and a runny makeup-caked face is not attractive!) I use a lightweight tinted moisturizer, lip balm, under eye concealer - to hide dark circles from long, sleepless nights - and a little bronzer. I don’t wash my hair every day since I just bleached it, which means surf spray saves my life. It gives hair an effortless waviness without having to completely redo it. The less fuss, the better."

Secret Weapon: A Survival Kit

"I have mixed feelings about the small bag situation. I don’t want to carry around a huge bag, but at the same time, I’m known for having the ultimate festival survival kit. I’m almost positive this little Hare+Hart bag will almost fit my necessities, but it still makes me a little nervous. The things you’ll find in my survival kit: Evian Facial Spray, oil blotting papers, makeup remover tissues in travel size, Band-Aids, lip gloss. As far as I’m concerned you don’t need anything else!"

Poolside Style: Sporty & Minimal

"Swim is tricky for me, since I don’t like the sun, nor do I travel often. I normally gravitate towards a one-piece, or super simple two pieces. I like a two-piece that is easy to wear under clothing, and a simple one piece to give me coverage from the sun. I'm also loving the new Wild Fox sunnies! I love a bright frame."