Christian Dior: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

In honor of what would be Christian Dior’s 110th birthday, we’re putting forth a plethora of interesting facts you may not know about the late French designer. Born to a wealthy family in the seaside town of Granville just outside of Normandy, the couturier followed his destiny and founded one of the greatest fashion houses ever that is still reigning today. Learn more about the couture genius by clicking through these pages — and if you’re feeling extra celebratory, treat yourself to something special from the luxury label too.

Celebrate The Late French Designer

Christian Dior, 1955. Photo: Getty Images

1. He was an entrepreneur.

While Christian was in school, he sold his fashion sketches on the streets for around 10 cents each. [Source.]

2. He believed in destiny.

Influenced by his maternal grandmother, he was drawn to fortune tellers from the age of 14 and would rely on them throughout his life. [Source.]

Christian Dior, Fall 2011. Photo: Getty Images

3. He was an art dealer.

In 1928, he began working at a small art gallery financed by his father. While there, he sold paintings by Pablo Picasso. [Source.]

Pablo Picasso 'Three Musicians', 1921. Photo: Getty Images

4. He served for his country.

Christian was called to duty as an officer in the French army from 1940 – 1942. [Source.]

French forces on board a French warship, 1941. Photo: Getty Images

5. He was an overachiever.

There were 90 looks featured in his debut collection, presented on February 12, 1947. [Source.]

Christian Dior runway show, 1947. Photo: Getty Images

6. He could have been an architect.

His love of structure inspired him to make clothes that accentuated a woman’s hips and bust. [Source.]

Christian Dior, Fall 2013 Couture. Photos: Courtesy

7. He loved flowers.

Christian's favorite bloom was Lily of the Valley; he would sew them into the hems of his models' dresses before a show for good luck. [Source.]

Christian Dior, Fall 2007 Couture. Photo: Getty Images

8. He trained with the greats.

In 1942, he was hired by couturier Lucien Long, where he worked alongside Pierre Balmain. [Source.]

Pierre Balmain. Photo: Getty Images

9. He had a number-one muse.

He launched his first perfume in 1947 and named it Miss Dior in honor of his sister Catherine. [Source.]

Miss Dior Eau de Parfum 3.4 fl oz, $120.

10. He mentored younger talent.

When Christian passed away suddenly in 1957, his 21-year-old assistant Yves Saint Laurent, took over as head designer. [Source.]

Yves Saint Laurent. Photo: Getty Images