So This Is Sarah Jessica Parker’s Definition Of Sneakers

Every time we hear the name Sarah Jessica Parker we can’t help but associate the actress with her fictional alter-ego, Carrie Bradshaw. After all, the Sex and the City star portrayed our favorite New York fashionista for six seasons, and she’s translated her character’s inimitable style into a real-life shoe business, aka her elegant-chic SJP Collection. Her latest launch couldn’t have been more aesthetically “Carrie.” She recently released the Meteor sneaker, which is more like a T-strap flat that sparkles into galaxies far, far away instead of something you’d slip on before hitting the elliptical. Just look at them in action:

So per SJP’s definition, these are “sneakers.” (BRB, rethinking everything we know about footwear.) At $255, they’re nothing like your average trainers, but we’re betting they’ll be a big bang—sorry, we had to—for your buck. Shop them here.