Olivia Palermo’s Genius Layering Trick That Actually Makes Sense For Summer

Generally speaking, layers in the summer are not your friend—unless you were blessed with hypoactive sweat glands, the notion of piling on any more fabric than you have to is frightening in the face of triple-digit heat. That said, a layered look isn’t completely out of the question. Enter Olivia Palermo, whose recent Hamptons ensemble offers an option for layer-lovers that will still keep you looking and feeling cool. Re-imagining a pair of classic shortalls, OP wore hers unbuttoned to her natural waist, and threw a lightweight blouse underneath for good measure (and modesty). The diaphanous fabric and billowy sleeves of her top allow ample room to air out one’s underarms and ensure nothing is clinging in places it shouldn’t be. A smattering of gold jewelry and prim, pointed flats keep Olivia’s signature polished aesthetic intact, while a sweat-resistant high ponytail kept her hair off the back of her neck. Take the look for a spin at your next backyard soiree, and stay cool out there.

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