Katy Perry’s New Launch Is Very Katy Perry

Katy Perry is known for her vibrant, whimsical fashion sense, and her latest endeavor is nothing if not true to her grandiose aesthetic. Launching her very own shoe line for spring 2017, the pop star’s debut collection embodies her signature style, ranging from colorful sneakers to playful stilettos, incorporating details such as floral motifs and futuristic embellishments. “It’s been a creative goal of mine to be a real contributor in the affordable fashion space,” says Katy. “A footwear collection felt like a natural first step for me.” Though images haven’t yet been revealed, you can get a sneak preview by way of three sketches below. Ranging from $59 to $299, Katy Perry Footwear will be available in major department stores, specialty stores and via e-commerce come February.

Katy Perry Footwear

A star-embellished stiletto.

A beaded ankle-strap mule.

A Lucite-heeled pump.