Here’s What The Duchess Wears When Flying Commercial

Photo: Getty Images

Yes, you read that right. Kate Middleton just boarded a British Airways flight on her way home from the Netherlands, proving that royals are (sometimes) just like us. Sans Prince William and the kids, the Duchess of Cambridge walked onto the aircraft with her bodyguards and took a seat in the front row, but not without a little amateur paparazzi action first. (One source said he had “never seen so many iPhones pop up at once.”) Wearing a pale blue Catherine Walker skirt suit, Kate clearly set a new standard for airport fashion.

While she didn’t exactly get the royal treatment, upon landing at London City airport, Kate was escorted out of the plane to a private car waiting for her on the tarmac.

This isn’t the first time Kate has flown commercial. In 2011, she and William took first-class seats on a flight from Los Angeles to London.

Homepage photo: Getty Images