The Simple Trick For Dressing Like French Fashion Royalty

Although we’ve grown accustomed to spectacular front-row sightings at fashion week, Saint Laurent’s Spring 2017 show drew a particularly momentous roster: The iconic Jane Birkin sat sandwiched between her daughters Charlotte Gainsbourg (whose father is French musician and screenwriter Serge Gainsbourg) and Lou Doillon (father is French film director Jacques Doillon). True to their familial signature, their looks were effortless and low-key (the polar opposite of the peacocking oft spotted at fashion shows): The women each harnessed the power of a neutral color palette and straightforward silhouettes, with tousled hair as the finishing touch. When in doubt, a classic tuxedo-inspired look with pumps à la Lou, or a T-shirt, leather skirt and booties like Charlotte prove a fail-safe and timeless look. Keep these separates on standby this fall (and until the end of time). See this epic trio at Paris Fashion Week below.

Charlotte, Jane and Lou. Photo: Getty Images

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