5 Reasons Why Marc Jacobs Rules

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Celebrated fashion designer Marc Jacobs turns 52 today but has somehow managed to achieve the career success of 10 people combined. His maverick approach to fashion has dictated international trends (grunge), reinvigorated storied fashion houses (he introduced ready-to-wear while he was the Creative Director at Louis Vuitton from 1997-2013), birthed some of the most outlandish fashion shows (and parties) in history and played a large role in keeping New York at the center of the fashion scene. As our Editor-in-Chief says; “There is only one Marc Jacobs. He is the epitome of fashion royalty—he’s in a league of his own”. Here, 5 reasons why we adore him.

1. Never Follows The Rules


Marc has marched to the beat of his own drum since the beginning of his career, spawning legions of devoted followers. His Perry Ellis grunge collection, while commercially unsuccessful for the brand, launched a fashion movement in the '90s that is still referenced today.

2. Dreams Big For His Shows


Getty Images Marc Jacobs Fall 2013

Never has anyone left a Marc Jacobs fashion show disappointed. Whether he sends his models around a light orb, positions them on a carousel or sends them down color-coordinated escalators, you can count on a spectacle.

3. Effortlessly Combines Art & Fashion

Louis Vuitton x Murakami Bag

His ingenious ability to fuse modern art with luxury goods to create some of the most coveted (and buzzed about) accessories of our time. His collaborations with artists Murakami and Stephen Sprouse spurred thousands of knockoffs and inspired art exhibitions.

4. Grew At A Rapid Pace

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Getty Images Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss

Marc's talent was widely recognized from the beginning. He was the youngest designer to win the CFDA Young Fashion Talent award in 1987 and models like Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell showed their support by walking in his first show for free.

5. Excellent Role Model (& Friend)

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Thanks to being incredibly open and frank about his life, decisions and struggles, Marc has been a great role model and mentor to new talent. Our own EIC credits him for teaching her "more than anyone about how to exist, survive and love the fashion industry".