Georgia May Jagger’s Secret To Nailing Cool-Girl Style

We can confirm Georgia May Jagger is one of those innately cool people you instantly want to be friends with. Not only is she a top model and offspring of one of the most iconic duos of our time (Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, ring a bell?), 25-year-old Georgia is a style star in her own right with effortless confidence and a knack for mixing femininity with a rock ‘n’ roll edge. Thus, it’s no wonder skate lifestyle brand Volcom enlisted the British beauty as its ambassador and designer of a series of exclusive collections. To celebrate the launch of the range—brimming with skate-inspired pieces with a modern twist (think: bright low-rise chinos, monogrammed baseball tees and racerback scuba dresses)—we sat down with the It girl to chat about the collaboration, bands she’s listening to on repeat and the best style advice she’s received from her mom. Get the scoop ahead and shop our favorite pieces from the line.

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Jerry Hall and Georgia. Photo: Getty Images

The Best Style Tips She's Gotten From Her Mom

"My mom always told me to have fun with fashion, don't worry about what other people think and wear what you like. I think there's a whole thing now where people want to look like each other because of Instagram and they've become very affected by celebrities. From my mom's point of view, growing up in the '70s it was all about standing out. The Studio 54 era was about being different and not aspiring to one idea of what's cool."


Her Secret To Cool-Girl Style

"I love going to vintage shops, and I never say never. I don't wear a lot of neutral colors. I like jewel tones and really bright things. My advice is to invest in items you're going to love forever. Spend your money on that stuff and get the rest at thrift stores. In the moment you might think it’s just some old thing, but it'll end up being your favorite item in your closet."


What She Can't Stop Listening To

"I love Deap Vally, who are my friends. Their new album is amazing. It's called Femejism, which I think is a really cool title. I was in the video for their last album. There's another band called Goat. I saw them at Glastonbury last year and I love their music."

Courtesy of Volcom

Why She Loves Skate Culture

"I mean, what's not attractive about it? For me, skateboarding is one of the coolest things. It's beautiful to watch. I love it."

Courtesy of Volcom

Her Collaboration With Volcom

"Volcom came to meet me in London and asked me to be the ambassador and design for them. We've already started working on the next couple of collections. My favorites from the current line are the green dress and the buttoned miniskirt."

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