Everything Rachel Green Wore That We Would Totally Wear Now

by The Everygirl

I have idolized Rachel Green for about as long as I can remember—Friends quotes are basically the hallmark of my vocabulary, and I really and truly love Friends far more than the average person. While I know you’re going to try to make the argument that Rachel is needy, whiny, spoiled and/or materialistic, I’d like to counter by reminding you that Rachel is also incredibly driven, hard-working, passionate, loyal, fun, spunky, hilarious and—most importantly—chic. As. Hell.

Rachel Green is synonymous with the hairstyle that legitimately rocked the ’90s, but today I’d like to show you a few of my favorite iconic fashion choices made by Queen Rach (fashion is cyclical, the ’90s are here to stay and a great pair of overalls will never go out of style, okay?).

1. That Plaid Skirt, Cropped Turtleneck and Knee Sock Look

Early Rachel wore this look the day she lost Ross’s monkey Marcel (another sentence that I never thought I’d get paid to write), back when she was Coffee Shop Rachel. She literally ran around the city, lounged around her own apartment and literally pet-sat a monkey in this outfit. If she can look this schoolgirl-chic doing all that, you can certainly wear it to do just about anything.

2. Denim Shorteralls

Fashion. Is. Cyclical. Rachel Green’s love for short overalls is proof of that. Shorteralls are TOTALLY in again, and I would high-key wear some version of this very outfit every single weekend. It’s perfect for summertime errands without the jacket, but the jacket gives it that nostalgic edge.

3. A Much Cuter Outfit Than What I Wear To Do Laundry

This episode is so adorable—Rachel had never done laundry before, so Ross takes her to the laundromat to teach her. This outfit is one of the first that Rachel wears to show off her new, low-maintenance self—and these pieces are totally back in style. Tied shirt at the waist + culottes? PERFECTION.

4. Plaid Pants

What’s crazy to me is that I have to clarify WHICH pair of plaid pants I’m talking about here—Homegirl Rachel LOVES her plaid. You can modernize this look with an updated silhouette, a cheeky tee and some denim around your waist.

5.The Denim-And-Mini-Skirt Coffee-Shop Ensemble

When thinking of Rachel Green, this is the look I’m sure a lot of people picture. It was the perfect blend of quirky and sexy, and it was actually super attainable. Mix some '90s-nostalgia denim with a skirt, tights and booties—and it’s done!

6. Oversized Sweatshirts

I think I would’ve really thrived in the '90s because I wear all my crewneck sweatshirts big like this and I just think it looks so cozy and adorable. Also, this look makes me think I, too, could go from blonde to brunette. The end.

7. THAT Yellow Dress

While I will say that this dress seemed wayyy too formal for a random first date, I will also say that this dress ignited my desire to shop for some summery dresses. While it’s honestly hard to find a dress with a similar style, the following frocks prove that yellow is a pretty universally flattering color.

8. The "Girls" Tee

It’s honestly embarrassing that I can tell you the exact episode in which Rachel wears this shirt — it’s when she moves into Joey’s after the fire at Phoebe’s and they drop spaghetti on the floor. (Bonus—Monica ALSO has a “Girls” sweatshirt—she’s wearing it when she gets smoothie on the ceiling the night after Ross and Rachel "take a break.")

9. The #BossLadyRachel Outfit

Dear Lord this woman knows her way around a white button-up. Add a little spice to your office wardrobe with a mix of skirts, jackets and shoes. Easy!

10. Casual "Mom" Outfit

I just love #MomRachel’s sweater collection. Her style got a lot more practical once she had a kid, which makes it really easy to replicate. On an unrelated note, don’t you feel like she would’ve had a MUCH cuter diaper bag?

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