Zendaya’s New Clothing Line Is Here, And We LOVE What We See

Zendaya is many things—actress, singer, dancer—and now she’s also a fashion designer, thanks to the release this Friday of her new clothing label. Named Daya by Zendaya, the line has been constantly teased on the 20-year-old’s social media channels for the past couple of months. (She’s already released shoes, but this will be her first ready-to-wear collection.) We’ve been following the fashion shape-shifter’s looks since she hit the red carpet scene a few years back, and this collaboration between Zendaya and stylist Law Roach is proof of her evolving sartorial tastes. From a portrait in a black velvet power suit to a vibrant promo video that hints of a collection for both men and women, Zendaya seems to be doing it right. And with everything priced under $160, these clothes are a guaranteed sellout. Visit DayaByZendaya.com for more information on the impending launch.