Bella Hadid Proves It’s Cool To Borrow Your Friends’ Clothes

Sure, she’s got enough money in the bank (and designers in her phone) to choose her own clothes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Bella Hadid considers herself beyond shopping a friend’s closet. Case in point: The supermodel spent her day out and about with bestie Fanny Bourdette-Donon, who wore a fuzzy pink crop top in a selfie she shared on Instagram. (Bella donned a positively comfy camouflage jumpsuit.)

But later that evening, Bella was spotted arriving at London hot-spot Sexy Fish in—you guessed it—Fanny’s crop top, paired with a retro mini skirt and patterned tights.

Photo: Getty Images

It’s not the first time Bella has borrowed something from a friend—or a sibling. In an interview with People, big sis Gigi revealed Bella often takes outfit inspiration from Gigi’s wardrobe. “She steals from my closet,” Gigi said. “That’s how she is. I just wouldn’t go to her house and take her things.”

On another note, you can always come to our apartments, Bella. (Though we guarantee our closets are less glamorous than Gigi’s.)