Can you help me put together a few music festival-appropriate outfits?

by The Zoe Report

Hi Rachel,

Next week I will be attending the Coachella Music Festival and want to look fashionable yet still be comfortable—especially in the scorching heat! Can you help me put together a few festival-appropriate outfits? Thanks! – Elise via e-mail

Location: San Francisco, CA


When it comes to dressing for an outdoor music festival—fortunately, I’ve been to one or two in my day—there are definitely a few rules and circumstances to take into consideration. Since you are going to be in the sun for hours at a time, it is all about finding the perfect balance to achieve a look that is both fashionable and practical.

If you prefer to take the more casual route, why not channel your inner hippie-child? I would highly recommend wearing denim shorts and a flowy printed tunic , topped with chic excessories! Think: a fedora, cross-body messenger—preferably, one with fringe detail—and tribal-inspired beaded flats.

The other option is to take things up a notch with a maxi skirt ! Pair it with a cropped t-shirt, studded messenger bag and mixed metal sandals …oh, and don’t forget the sunnies! A glamorous cat eye pair is perfection! I promise, with this look those street style photogs will be all over you! Have fun, stay stylish and most of all, enjoy the music! xoRZ