Baby’s Fave Blankie

by Tyler Love

Shopaholics beware: having a baby will take your beloved pastime to a whole new level! Speaking from experience, my daily quest to dress and accessorize Baby Skyler Berman is more joyful a venture than any of my own personal shopping escapades. To all of my inquiring fellow fashion Mamas out there, I promise to keep you in the know by continuing to share my favorite infant finds—clothes, accessories and eco-baby products galore—with you in this space. This leads me to today’s exceptionally cuddly and cute Burning Torch Cashmere Baby Blankets!

Produced with 100% recycled cashmere, these cozy coverings are an eco-chic and luxuriously soft companion for your baby’s sensitive skin. Available in three checkered motifs—Skyler loves his black and white one!—they also make a fabulous gift for any mother-to-be. Taking your little one out for a stroll? Dress them in a darling cotton jersey outfit and booties, then wrap up your bundle of joy in one of Burning Torch‘s warm blankies! xoRZ

Availability: Burning Torch Cashmere Baby Blankets ($288 each). For additional information, visit Burningtorchinc.com.

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