Bright Ideas

by The Zoe Report

When compiling bold apparel, accessory and beauty picks for my latest guide—Bright Ideas: 20 Electric Spring Picks—I abided by one rule and one rule only: the brighter, the better! As a result, I have a shockingly chic roundup to present to you today that is guaranteed to inject some serious color into your wardrobe. Do you think you can handle it?

Never one to play it safe, I love that spring gives me the chance to embrace every color under the sun. Inspired by the vivid hues seen on the runways at Fendi, Prada and more, all of the glaring options revealed today—from a dreamy blue bikini to a popsicle orange polish and traffic sign yellow belt—will leave you blinded. Jump into my Bright Ideas guide ASAP to breathe some life into your closet and let your true colors shine through! xoRZ

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