Chic Sleeper

by Tyler Love

Just when I finally mastered the art of traveling—which took years of trial and error condensing my closet into suitcases!—I brought a baby into the picture! Needless to say, trekking with a tot is an entirely new kind of challenge. Thankfully, we live in 2011 with plenty of innovative, designed-for-travel creations like today’s Alma Mini Crib by Bloom.

Nothing relaxes me more than knowing that my bundle of joy is secure and cozy, and this crib does the trick. Helping both Skyler and myself sleep at night, it is compact in size with a foldable structure for easy transportation from one place to the next. Oh, and did I mention Bloom created it in five fun colors? Ba-na-nas! Are you a mommy on-the-go? Then you have to check out this cool crib and the rest of Bloom’s a-mah-zing products! xoRZ

Availability: Bloom Alma Mini Crib ($340). For additional information and a list of retailers, visit Bloombaby.com.