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The Black In Fashion Council's NYFW Showroom Will Highlight These 16 Designers

The event will run from Feb. 14 to Feb. 17.

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Although New York Fashion Week will inevitably look different again this season, the decades-long tradition of celebrating rising talent will still be in full effect. With credit to collectives like the Black In Fashion Council, this season's show schedule will include a greater range of perspectives and fashion talent from the Black community. Once again, The Black In Fashion Council will spotlight Black designers — this time, a total of 16 creatives — from Feb. 14 to Feb. 17. (The BIFC held its debut showing back in Sept. 2020 during NYFW with four designers.)

"I am really excited that we are expanding this partnership because it still feels like such a weird time to be creative, especially for a young designer," said Lindsay Peoples Wagner, BIFC cofounder and editor-in-chief of The Cut, to Vogue. "Something that I'm personally passionate about is making sure that the next generation of designers has the support and resources that they need, specifically people of color creators in the industry really getting that access to resources."

The 16 designers featured in the showcase are: House of Aama, Edas, Marrisa Wilson, Third Crown, Beads Byaree, Chelsea Paris, Chuks Collins, Kendra DuPlantier, Whensmokeclears, Michel Men, Lola Ade, Nicole Benfield, Nicole Shante, Come Back as a Flower, Label by Three, and Local European.

As for how the BIFC curated this group, Peoples Wagner said the decisions were made to celebrate a breadth of perspectives. "It's never really about them having a certain amount of sales, winning awards, or anything like that," she said to Vogue. "It is people that really have a great portfolio, a great perspective, and who are really bringing something to the table that feels like it's breaking through the noise of what's already out there." BIFC Cofounder Sandrine Charles added that "they [wanted] to think outside of the regular names and designers that are always listed or featured."

Before NYFW officially begins, check out the 16 Black designers participating in the BIFC showroom and give all of them a follow. There will be no shortage of inspiration from these creatives.

House Of Aama


Marrisa Wilson

Third Crown

Beads Byaree

Chelsea Paris

Chuks Collins

Kendra DuPlantier


Michel Men

Lola Ade

Nicole Benfield

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Nicole Shante

Come Back As A Flower

Label By Three

Local European