These Editor-Approved Suitcases Actually Make Air Travel Fun

Time for a vacay.


Anyone who frequently flies knows a good, durable suitcase is crucial. Ahead, TZR editors, who are often on the go, share their picks for the best luggage of 2023. Bon voyage!

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Cabin S
“I’ve always been a fan of Rimowa, but the hefty weight of their suitcases prevented me from ever purchasing one. With the new Cabin S model, which weighs 30% less, I’m sold. Plus, how chic is this glossy green hue?” - Kathy Lee, editor in chief, TZR
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“My travels have really picked up in the past year. And so, I've learned the art of packing a carry-on, making this aluminum style invaluable to me. It's spacious, has interior compression, and comes with a laundry bag. Oh, and the sleek silver finish adds a stylish touch.” - Angela Melero, executive editor, TZR
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The Large
“I'm a carry-on girl but when I’m forced to check a bag, this one makes it bearable. I love the sleek design, which is surprisingly light and supremely durable — I've taken it across the world and back (literally) and it still looks brand new!” - Faith Xue, executive beauty director, BDG
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“I love my Italic suitcase because it‘s durable (made from the same manufacturers as Away and Samsonite) and unassuming, so I’m not worried about someone stealing it from me. It’s held up for over 5+ years!” - Marina Liao, senior fashion news editor, TZR
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Check-In Medium
"I try to stick to carry-on only, but sometimes a bigger suitcase is a must. I recently invested in this medium check-in bag from Monos and it's the perfect size for longer trips. I love the pockets for storing smaller items, plus it's light to pick up – even when it's stuffed." - Erin Lukas, deputy beauty editor, TZR
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“Leave it to the literal inventors of the Swiss Army knife to create the most efficient carry-on ever. This style has a special compartment in the front for easy access to my laptop and side panels so it can expand to twice its size (seriously, I’ve seen it).” - Alison Syrett, deputy fashion editor, TZR
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"I've made strides with my chronic overpacking this year but still have a way to go. Luckily, this expandable carryon meets me half-way with pockets, roomy basins, and tons of stretch. The exterior can really take a beating with minimal scratching and scuffs, too" - Amanda Ross, beauty editor, TZR
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“TBH, I’m that traveler who haphazardly packs the night before flying (I know, I know). Fortunately, this carry-on fits the copious amounts of clothing and beauty products I always feel I *need* to bring. The wallet-friendly price doesn’t hurt, either. ” - Kelsey Stewart, associate fashion editor, TZR
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“You will not catch me checking a bag unless I'm flying overseas for longer than 10 days. In true minimalist fashion, I enjoy the thrill of figuring out different ways to wear the few items of clothing that fit in a carry on — this one is both TSA and TZR-approved.” - Ariel Bielsky, fashion bookings & production manager, BDG
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“I'm guilty of overpacking when I travel, so I need a checked bag that can fit a lot while still remaining under 50 lbs. At 10.9 lbs this extra-large trunk style is perfect. I love that it fully zips on both sides to keep everything organized and from shifting in flight, and it also comes with matching shoe bags and a TSA lock. Plus, the design is so retro chic — I feel very glamorous wheeling this through my travels!” - Rebecca Iloulian, Director, Newsletter Revenue and Marketing, BDG
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